Why Use a 457 Visa Agent for Bringing Workers to Australia


A 457 visa refers to a short-term visa granted to skilled, sponsored workers who will be in Australia temporarily for work purposes. An employee who sponsors a worker under a 457 visa can handle these arrangements on their own, but they may be better off working with a visa agent to help them through the process. This is for the purposes of obtaining the visa and making the transition easier on workers. If you're a business owner and want to bring skilled workers into Australia, consider some additional services such an agency, such as The Immigration Group Pty Ltd, might offer to you and your workers.

1. Contacting removalists

Moving household goods into and out of Australia can be very difficult for workers and can cause them to be distracted and downright uncomfortable during the move. Visa agencies can contact removalist who can handle their entire move and even help them set up their household; this might include wiring the entertainment center and computer hookups and assembling beds and other such furniture.

2. Setting up bank accounts

For workers who will stay in Australia for any length of time, it's probably easier for them to have Australian bank accounts for easy access to funds. A visa agency can help set these up for your workers and ensure these accounts are connected to their direct deposit of payroll checks and instruct your worker on how to transfer funds between their new accounts and accounts they may still have in their home country.

3. Tax registration and guidelines

Working in Australia usually means paying taxes in Australia, and a visa agency can help your workers to understand this process for them. They may assist with any registration needed for paying taxes and then also give direction on how to file paperwork at the end of the year; even if they cannot offer accounting advice in particular, they can help a worker know what to expect from the process.

4. Home loans and financing options

In some cases a 457 visa is a gateway to permanent residency in Australia, in which case a worker may want to consider a home loan and financing. A visa agency may be able to give them guidance on how to qualify for such a loan and how to apply, even while in the country on such a temporary visa. This can allow your worker to get the process in place and start shopping around for a loan when they're ready to buy a home.


26 August 2015

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