Understanding Family Visas


Family visas comprise a group of visas that help bring families together in Australia. The word family includes spouses/partners, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.

The kind of family visa you are eligible for is dependent on many factors, some of which include:

  • Are you the one living in Australia and want to bring your family over to you? What kind of visa do you hold in Australia? Does it allow you to bring your family over?
  • Are you a family member being brought over to Australia? What are your reasons for visiting or moving to Australia? Are you visiting Australia temporarily or moving permanently?

Some Examples of Family Visas

Because of the different types of family situations (some are mentioned above), you may come across the following visas:

  • A family sponsored visa — this is a visa that allows you and your family to live, work and study in Australia. It may, however, last for a few years, after which you become eligible to apply for a permanent visa. If you are in another country, you must have a relative who permanently lives in Australia for you to be sponsored.
  • Partner visa — these visas allow fiancé(e)s, de facto partners, married partners and same-sex marriage partners to move to Australia.
  • Prospective marriage visa — this is a temporary visa that allows you to enter Australia to marry your spouse. It expires in nine months, meaning you should be married within nine months.

Family sponsorship opens the door for other visas. This means that if you have a relative who is permanently living in Australia and is willing to sponsor, you are eligible for:

  • Parent visa — your child can sponsor you to live in Australia through a parent visa.
  • Aged parent visa — this is the same as a parent visa, but to be issued an aged parent visa, you have to be eligible for the Australian aged pension.
  • Child visa — your parent can sponsor you to live in Australia if you are under 18 years old.

Why You Need Immigration Agents

Acquiring the visas mentioned above is not as simple as filling out a form; you must meet various requirements. Let an immigration agent guide you through the visa application process to increase your chances of acquiring a visa. An immigration agent can also help make the whole process stress-free.

Another good thing about using immigration agents is that they know where all the hurdles are; they will help you avoid them by ensuring you have everything you might require before application.

For more information about family visas, reach out to an immigration service.


8 October 2020

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