4 Things You Should Know About The Partner Visa


Foreign citizens who are married or in de facto relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents would want to lay their hands on a partner visa. The visa opens doors to Australian citizenship and enables them to study, work and travel to and from Australia. Some people do not conduct their due diligence when applying for a partner visa. Therefore, they get disqualified due to slight errors. This article details a few things you should know about the Australian partner visa.

11 January 2022

Understanding Family Visas


Family visas comprise a group of visas that help bring families together in Australia. The word family includes spouses/partners, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. The kind of family visa you are eligible for is dependent on many factors, some of which include: Are you the one living in Australia and want to bring your family over to you? What kind of visa do you hold in Australia? Does it allow you to bring your family over?

8 October 2020

How to Make Sure That Your Australian Visitor Visa Is Approved


Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, and for good reason. It's built a reputation for being a welcoming place, for having an awesome climate and for having some amazing sights and sounds for the visitor. It is not surprising that millions of people want to come to the country each year, but the immigration authorities have to be very careful to ensure that they regulate this movement carefully.

13 March 2019

Why Use a 457 Visa Agent for Bringing Workers to Australia


A 457 visa refers to a short-term visa granted to skilled, sponsored workers who will be in Australia temporarily for work purposes. An employee who sponsors a worker under a 457 visa can handle these arrangements on their own, but they may be better off working with a visa agent to help them through the process. This is for the purposes of obtaining the visa and making the transition easier on workers.

26 August 2015