4 Things You Should Know About The Partner Visa


Foreign citizens who are married or in de facto relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents would want to lay their hands on a partner visa. The visa opens doors to Australian citizenship and enables them to study, work and travel to and from Australia. Some people do not conduct their due diligence when applying for a partner visa. Therefore, they get disqualified due to slight errors. This article details a few things you should know about the Australian partner visa. 

The Relationship Requirements Take Centre Stage 

Married couples must produce a celebrant's certificate to show that they are legally married. The Department Of Home Affairs rejects applications from applicants whose marriages are outlawed in Australia. For instance, you could be married to a relative. Your de-facto relationship must have lasted at least twelve months

This information is not satisfactory to the Department of Home Affairs. They will make further inquiries to establish that you are in a genuine relationship. For example, they may make personal inquiries regarding your partner's hobbies, personal habits and work life. Besides, they will want to know how you share responsibilities in the relationship, whether you own joint assets or bank accounts, if you share friends and whether you have met each other's families. Remember, these are not requirements; it is a criterion for the department to determine whether you are faking the relationship to gain entry into the country. 

Examine The COVID-19 Restrictions When Applying From Overseas 

Suppose you are applying for a partner visa from overseas; you should keep an eye on the current COVID-19 restrictions. The Australian government bans flights from countries with a high COVID-19 infection rate. If your country is not on the list and your visa gets approved, check whether you need an individual exemption to travel to the country. Remember, you may require a COVID-19 certificate to prove that you are not infected. 

Be Patient 

You must be patient as you await your visa processing. In most cases, your case officer has to process a load of other applications. Besides, as they work on your application, they will need you to make several clarifications. Additionally, they will interview you to ask for additional information.

Consider The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer 

An immigration lawyer will come in handy as you make your visa application. Seasoned immigration lawyers understand the immigration laws and can instantly tell whether or not you qualify for the visa. Additionally, the lawyer will give critical insights to avoid contradictions. Your lawyer will also follow up on the visa and handle correspondence between you and the case officer. 

When applying for a partner visa, meet the relationship requirements, assess COVID-19 restrictions, be patient and hire an immigration lawyer. 


11 January 2022

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